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Described as ‘a one-man onslaught of cinematic noise and power rhythms,’ John Beauchamp, the man behind MusiM, brings classical styling to the industrial genre. Performing musically since elementary school, Mr. Beauchamp has acquired experience in areas such as choir, jazz, metal, industrial, rock, folk, and even solo acts performing flamenco guitar.

The most deceiving and surprising aspect of MusiM is how calm John is in person and how absolutely energized and animalistic he is on stage, contrary to the stigmas of the “one man act”.

MusiM was created in 2006. In that same year his first album, Stories, hit the industry.  He is currently in the twilight of his second full-length album, In the Worship of Monsters, due out by the end of 2009.

Though his music is mostly electronic, John is not just a computer jockey. He plays as much live as one man is capable of, and the audience respects him all the more for it. As a current member of two headlining local bands, he is quite experienced with what a concertgoer appreciates: energy and attitude. No one expects to see an acoustic guitar in a club setting, but as reflected in MusiM, John shows just how excellent his methods, backed by a pounding electronic bass rhythm can be.

With the upcoming release of his next album, John hopes to perfect a new sound, bringing classical styles and rhythms to the industrial scene in a way only MusiM can showcase.

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