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Decibel started as a concept between John Beauchamp and Trenton Tomlinson. John had recently left the group, Axis, but was still wanting to continue work with long time friend and bandmate, Trent (lead vocalist of Axis). After talking for a few weeks about ideas and goals, the 2 decided to start swapping current demos and manifesting tracks. Since the first day of work, everything began to flow smoothly and in less than a week they had the beginning of 5 tracks well under way. Each track varies in style and concept, displaying the many different influences of both members.

For live shows, the two take control of their music through guitar, bass and improv keyboards. Bringing a new performance to every show.

While alot of the vocals are handled by Trent, a female vocalist has been something desired by both John and Trent. For this they had originally agreed on guest vocalists to fill in for the recordings until they found someone who can deliver the exact feel and sound they are looking for. Keep an eye out for who we use next!

After one week of appearing on the community, Decibel was booked for shows, including as an opening act for Belle Morte. Decibel has actually had to decline gig offers so they can finish work on their upcoming album “AudioTribe”, thus launching their visual and musical attack on America.

The 2 are aiming their debut album, working title ‘Audio-Tribe’, for the fall of 2009 release. The album will consist of a wide range of music and vocal styles, and will be a collection of experimentation, contradiction and exploration in sound and expression. There are no limits in music where deciBel is concerned.

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