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AllThisIsMeaningless is a process for solo artist Michael Schouten, one that has been long and personal.  Alone with a room full of machines, both organic and mechanical, a symbiosis has formed – Michael using these machines to convey his deepest emotions through thought-provoking and dramatic music and the machines using Michael as an organism through which to speak.

Taking the name from a refrain in Ecclesiastes, AllThisIsMeaningless forms a relationship of the meaningful and the meaningless, the organic and the mechanical, of matter and spirit.  They are evolving.  They are becoming one.

AllThisIsMeaningless creates its vision with a diverse electronic palette, but also apparent is a wide range of influences from indie rock to minimal composition.  Michael is not afraid to use any instrument, nor to use anything at hand as an instrument, but his favorites are a laptop and a voice.

Occasionally releasing previews and single tracks (such as the popular “A New Man”) to the public, the debut album has been building anticipation in a small but dedicated fan base.  An evolving technique and aesthetic means the album is a long time coming, and with expectations high, Michael does not want to disappoint.

Live shows are often intimate, consisting of little more than Michael and an acoustic guitar.  The future of AllThisIsMeaningless, however, includes the incorporation of interactive elements which will allow the audience not only to be part of the show, but to manipulate the soundscape in real time.  Either way, with an intimate connection to his music and a long theatrical background, an AllThisIsMeaningless performance promises never to be dull.

Michael has also deejayed in several countries, including frequent events in South Korea, either under the AllThisIsMeaningless moniker or under the name DJ Stretcz.  His energy during sets betrays his theatrical roots, and the sets themselves are often as diverse as his own music.

The debut from AllThisIsMeaningless, tentatively titled Hijacking Your Fiction, is due in late 2010.

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