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AllThisIsMeaningless FINALLY release their album

September 28, 2015

That’s right! AllThisIsMeaningless have finally released their album, Hjacking Your Fiction.

Or stream it here:

Jakub Novotny

August 23, 2011

For those who have been curious about the recent inactivity of C/Fe Records, we have suffered a very severe loss which prevented us from continuing with the marketing, publicizing, and general exploitation of the bands. Jakub Novotny was the visionary for what could have been a leading experimental music label. Soon after the release of Menagerie Vol. 1, was found lying on the floor of his condominium by his ex-wife. The doctors said he had a rare but very aggressive form of cancer. He did what he could, but Jakub was a very proud man. He kept the cancer secret, and tried to continue business as usual. Then in August of last year, the cancer got the better of him.

I have taken a long time posting this because the news came as such a shock. He was only 42 when he died, and I was looking forward to seeing some of his plans come to fruition. However, cancer is very debilitating, and he was never able to accomplish everything he wanted.  I wanted to take over where he left off, but his funding is all tied up legally and my own career has consequently needed to come first. Hopefully soon, we can start releasing quality experimental music to the general public. Until then, the artists are still happy to handle their own.

Goodbye Jakub! You are missed.


I wanted to post his professional photo, but his ex-wife suggested this photo taken with his mother before she died. She said she had never seen him so relaxed and happy as when he was with his mother. Jakub was a very driven man, as any excellent CEO is.

MusiM’s remix EP

August 23, 2011

MusiM has just released an ep full of remixes of the single, “Missing Dead.” Check out it and the album it came from, In Worship of Monsters, here: The remix ep also features a remix from AllThisIsMeaningless.

MusiM’s soundtrack

April 10, 2011

MusiM has released a soundtrack for the short film The Beginning for $1:

MusiM at OK Electric

September 19, 2010

A rare performance from MusiM is coming up.  More information will be posted when it becomes available.

The Still Lifes videos

July 12, 2010

The Still Lifes have remixed their video for the Future in Question to better reflect the spirit of the song. They are also pre-releasing a song from the forthcoming album. Age of Static is a fan favorite which they perform at virtually every show. They finally feel comfortable releasing a recorded version of it, and the video is probably the best of their four music videos. You can see both at our YouTube channel.

Finally, we have a YouTube channel!

July 1, 2010

The first video is The Still Lifes’ “Sebastian Says, ‘Checkmate, I think'”.

Band Updates 7/3/2010

March 7, 2010

MusiM has been asked to compose the soundtrack for an unofficial mod of DragonAge: Origins. John is almost as serious about gaming as he is about his music. There is no doubt this soundtrack will be quite dynamic.

The Still Lifes have almost completed their compilation of previous works. They will actually be giving away the songs. The release will coincide with their short stint in New Zealand in two weeks. The proper album, Aiglatson, should be out soon featuring all new songs and a much more engaging sound.

deciBel is opening for VNV Nation next month.

AllThisIsMeaningless is still busy mixing and picking up fans all over the world with their single Gate 36. Request it on your local or internet radio station.

Also, we are very happy to be releasing the first album from Dromedary Sunset which is tentatively titled The History of the Universe. These guys are perfectionists. They can be real pains to work with when you are running their record label and trying to release their music for them and their benefit. However, when they say a song of theirs is finished, rest assured, it will be one of the most subtly enjoyable and intriguing soundscapes you have ever heard. Seriously, I told them I liked one of their songs once. Their comment was, no not yet. The still needed to find the right tone for one of the parts, but once they found it, I was shocked by how much more complete the song sounded afterwards.

deciBel opening for VNV Nation

March 5, 2010

Reality and other Simulacra

February 17, 2010

First, I have some sad news. Not only did Asimov’s Robot series get introduced to movie goers in a questionable way, but now his Foundation series is getting muddled up:

Mark Wilson reports that Roland Emmerich is directing the movie. He directed Independence Day and Stargate. So, he has directed sci-fi movies before which had merit. However, Foundation is sf of the highest caliber, and Emmerich work–The Day After Tomorrow and 2012–has just gone down hill in terms of intelligence. He may be able to grasp the epic nature of the story, but will he ever be able to convey the higher minded elements? Just to add insult to injury, the screenplay is being handled by Robert Rodat who wrote the Patriot. Now, the complete disrespect The Patriot gave to the Swamp Fox and the other historical figures alluded to or featured in the movie is probably due primarily to the movie’s director. Rodat may actually treat this story with some dignity in light of some of his previous work like Saving Private Ryan. While the movie is like to be a pathetic spectacle which mocks Asimov more than it pays him tribute, I’ll try to stand with Wilson and hope that the two can some how manage to combine an action packed blockbuster movie with a heady art film filled with the symbolism the book contains.

In better news, Josh Wimmer at io9 graces his audience with a thought provoking review of Philip K. Dick’s Man in the High Castle: Wimmer is able to point to Dick as the sf author who best connected with the American culture of his time, but along the way poses some very fun questions. You may also notice a link to your right for a review of A Canticle for Liebowitz. It’s also an interesting review.

In fact, Wimmer’s review of PKD reminded me of Brad Feld’s post a day before titled, Are We Already Working For The Computers?, Feld’s post is worth reading without preview. I could ruin your perception of it. Suffice it to say that he poses questions of reality which are also very fun to discuss philosophically.

Anyway, that was a fraction of my online reading which I found interesting this week. In actual C/Fe news, The Still Lifes are not only preparing to release remastered versions of some of their older work, they are also working on some music videos for each of their three songs on C/Fe Menagerie Vol. 1. Stay tuned to see when they are released.